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Review of the Bingo VIP Club

The term “VIP” connotes various things to different individuals. And whatever side of the fence(s) you land on is mainly determined by your perspective on celebrity culture. For others, the prospect of arriving to a red carpeted occasion with champagne waiting just beyond the filled leather and wood doors is a dream come true. They can’t wait to enter through those gloomy wooden gates and be surrounded by the world’s wealthy and powerful, if not great and good.

Others may undoubtedly recoil at the prospect, preferring an unadorned pub or bar to the flashy, crystal chandelier-laden setting that would be expected of the invite-only audience. Fortunately for individuals in the latter category, Bingo VIP Club is not very VIP. True, it bears the initials VIP, and when the home screen opens for the first time, you’re greeted with a very simple image depicting a red carpet with red-roped obstacles.

Beyond all of that, at a remote location that you’ll never see, we can see a light so dazzling that it would put even the most famous pop artists to shame. Indeed, one can practically image the paparazzi lining up their cameras on each side, entertainment journalists steadying their mics, and waiting to ask those all-important questions about some divorce or the designer you’re wearing.

Image Problem

The issue is that the whole thing looks quite tacky, as if some ten-year-old learned basic coding and decided to create the homepage for a bingo website. Even the typefaces might easily be elevated a notch if they were less curled. While this is not nearly Comic Sans-level insult, it does not exactly scream, “You’re on the inside now!” Perhaps it’s all a giant irony, but if so, it’s not lost on us that it’s not really that funny. Not at all. Indeed, the impression is of a website in serious need of anything more, let alone some modernity.

Nonetheless, it expresses its goals wonderfully. This is all about having fun, which is plainly rather simple to do. The most prominent feature on the page is the £15 welcome bonus, which effectively means you can play for free upon registration. Below here is a winners table detailing how much money individuals have won in cash. Of course, “cash money” is gambler slang for “fun.” Next door, you’ll see another panel displaying the top slot games that are now accessible. And next to that, a click-through link to the’specials’—amazing deals and promotions that will hopefully help us all overlook the above-mentioned sloppy design mistakes. Is it going to work? Let us examine this more closely.

That Is Why You Are Here

To be quite candid, evaluating bingo sites is not the most efficient use of anyone’s time. When all is said and done, the majority are quite similar. However, if you spend enough time at this work, you will notice certain distinctions. And indeed, we have. On the whole, especially in contrast to the worst offenders, Bingo VIP Club, despite its gaudy appearance, is already winning in terms of points earned over rivals. At the very least, we have a clear understanding of what’s on offer – promotions, bingo, and slots. However, if you click on the Bingo link at the top of the page, you’ll begin to learn more in-depth.

Various versions of the beloved game that brought us all here are offered for grabs, or for playing. The ultimate total is 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, 50 ball bingo, and 30 ball bingo. That’s five distinct ball numbers, at least three more than the worst offender we’ve seen on the internet when it comes to not providing enough alternatives.

You can quickly determine your selections by skimming along the current bingo table, which also aids in avoiding dumb blunders. Along with the number of participants in each game, you can readily view the buy-in fee, the overall game reward, the total jackpot, when play starts, and if play has already begun. No more attempting to join anything that is still three hours away from starting, nor will it make you more inclined to attempt to join something with just a few minutes remaining in the game.

Slot Machines and More

As previously said, in addition to bingo games, there are slots available, and the variety is rather great. However, the operative term is unfortunate. There are several options, but not the most we have ever seen, and the technological level varies from acceptable to excellent. Again, this is not rewriting history, but as an addition to normal bingo, it is acceptable to us.

Once you’ve selected Bingo or Slots, you’ll find an option for Scratch games surfaces. These are similar to slots in that they are instantaneous, rapid, and enjoyable, with relatively minimal stakes. However, they required’scratching’ to win—much like a traditional scratch card, but without the physical scratching… Therefore, refrain from attempting to claw your screen.

Promotional Items and Mobile

If there is one area where Bingo VIP Club excels, it is in its promotions and the manner in which they are offered to you. Naturally, click on the Promos page and you’ll instantly discover a lengthy list of available discounts and bargains. These are far more generous than the most we’ve seen, and there are also significantly more of them. Interestingly, it does not explicitly disclose any VIP benefits – as in a loyalty plan – as many gaming websites do, which we can only presume is to avoid disclosing the fact that Bingo VIP Club is not a true VIP Club.

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