Review of Mini Roulette

The enormous size of the roulette table may make the game seem more scary than it really is. Even though it is one of the most beginner-friendly casino games, the sheer number of possibilities may be too much for some players at first.

But what if we could simplify the game such that even the most hesitant player finds it inviting? This seems to be the concept behind Mini Roulette, an online variant of this popular game. In this variation, there are fewer numbers and betting opportunities, but the gameplay is essentially same. However, does this make it a better or worse alternative for the majority of players? Let’s look more closely.

Identical Table Smaller Wheel

Mini roulette is basically the same game as its larger French, European, and American counterparts. It is played with a 13-segment wheel (instead of the conventional 37 or 38) holding the digits 1 through 12 and a single 0. Players may wager on any single number at odds of 11-1, or they can wager between numbers to cover multiple spaces at reduced odds. Possible alternatives include:

Square (Four Numbers): 2-1 Split (Two Numbers): 5-1 Street (Three Numbers): 3-1

In addition, participants may wager on red, black, and odd or even numbers. All of these wagers cover precisely six positions on the roulette wheel and pay even money. All of these bets provide absolutely fair odds for a roulette wheel with 12 pockets; the addition of the zero gives the house a little edge over the player in this game.

After placing your wagers, you may push a button to initiate the next spin. A ball will spin around the roulette wheel until landing in one of the numbered pockets, at which point all lost wagers will be collected and winning wagers will be paid out. At that moment, you may either enter fresh bets or use the “rebet” option to automatically place the same wagers for the following spin.

However, there is one exception that must be considered. When playing this game, certain online casinos, such as those utilizing NetEnt software, provide a variant of the La Partage rule. In this version, players will get half of their lost wagers refunded whenever the zero appears on the roulette wheel (of course, bets that cover the zero win, and pay out as normal). This is plainly advantageous for players, since it reduces one of the lost positions to a “half” loss.

Don’t use zero

Almost all wagers in this game have the same house advantage, therefore there is minimal room for strategy while playing. However, if the La Partage rule is in force, it is preferable to avoid wagering on the 0, since you will desire the benefit of receiving half of your wager back on some of your losses. Other than that, you may choose whatever fortunate or meaningful numbers you like!

The house advantage on your wagers is around 3.85% when you play La Partage. Without this rule, the house advantage doubles to 7.69 percent, making it imperative to play this game with the more advantageous rules.

Why Participate in This Game?

Mini roulette does not give a significant advantage over conventional roulette, but it is a more straightforward kind of the game. This game may be simpler to keep track of if you choose to play while multitasking, which is unquestionably advantageous. Those unfamiliar with the game may also appreciate the table’s straightforward arrangement. However, we would only advocate playing this game if the rules are improved; otherwise, the house advantage is just too great to warrant playing this game as opposed to European or French roulette.

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