King Kong Online Slot Rating and reviews

The iconic figure of King Kong, who made his debut in the film of the same name in 1933, has served as the basis for a significant number of works of fiction, including comic books, animated films, video games, and cartoons. The monstrous gorilla that terrorizes towns and causes irreparable destruction has also been featured in the video slot King Kong that was developed by NextGen. Because it is a branded game, the King Kong online slot has drawn a large number of players, and it has grown to become one of the most popular slots offered by the producer.

How to Play King Kong Online Slot

You may immediately get started playing the King Kong online slot game whenever you feel like it. You can locate the game at any casino that is powered by NextGen, and all you have to do to start playing it is hit the play button. This is true whether you are sitting at home in front of your desktop or laptop computer, or you are out and about with your mobile phone or tablet in your hand. Due to the fact that the game was designed in HTML5 style, it runs perfectly smoothly on any mobile device running iOS or Android as well as any desktop system.

When you load the King Kong slot on any device, you will first see the cityscape in the backdrop, which features enormous flashing lights moving left and right. This is true regardless of the device you are using. Then, you will see that there is a note sign where you may deactivate or enable the noises, or change them as it suits you, and the letter I in the bottom left corner of the screen. If you choose the letter I with your mouse or finger and then click or touch on it, the paytable and an explanation of the game’s extra features will show on the screen.

You will notice that the gorilla acts as a wild in the slot machine, but it will only make an appearance on the three middle reels. After that, a description of the function that it activates will be shown to you. Next, you will see that the game’s logo may act as a scatter, awarding you 2,500 times your initial bet if you get the top combination, and you will get a description of the bonus round that it can help you activate. The two high-paying symbols are then revealed to be Ann, which pays 7,500 coins for 5-of-a-kind combinations, and Bruce, which awards 1,000 coins in the same situation. The sign depicting a dinosaur and the other one depicting an airplane each provide you with five hundred coins, while the symbols depicting a ship and a spider each award you with two hundred. The highest-paying items, the camera and the skull, will provide you with 150 coins, while the handcuffs and tickets will only award you with 100 coins.

In reference to coins, you need to be aware that you are only permitted to use one coin on each line. The King Kong slot machine has 25 paylines that are always active, and players may choose the amount of their coins from 0.01 to 10 credits. As a result, the lowest possible wager on the slot machine is 0.25 credits, while the most that can be placed is 250 credits.

Free Games and Features Based on King Kong

As already noted, King Kong serves as the game’s wild sign. When it appears on reels 2, 3, or 4, it may stand in for any other symbol in the game, with the exception of scatters. But there’s more to it than that—the wild lets you activate a unique function called “King Kong goes ape.” If you see the wild symbol appear on the third reel, you should realize that you have successfully activated the bonus round. When this happens, every position on the third reel turns into a wild, and there is a possibility that more wilds will be revealed on the second and fourth reels as well. When this occurs, it means that the wild card has formed many winning combinations at the same time, which has resulted in a very large win for you. However, you should brace yourself for a significant shock because the enormous ape will begin to slam the reels as it begins to develop.

The scatter symbol does, in fact, have an impact on the free spins, but not in the manner that you may anticipate. You will activate the King Kong smash feature when you land three or more scatter symbols. This bonus gives you the opportunity to win an incredible amount of free spins, with all payouts being multiplied by two. You will be responsible for choosing which airplanes the gorilla will crash into. You will get anything from ten to one hundred and fifty free games if King Kong is successful in destroying one to six airplanes. The gorilla will continue to bash until it is unsuccessful three times in a row. After you have been awarded the number of spins that correspond to the aircraft that you have hit, you will then have the option to either play through those spins or claim a surprise prize instead. The free spins will be taken away from the player if they choose to take the mystery reward, which is a multiplier of the entire stake. You should be aware that you may retrigger the free spins if you keep playing with them, and each new group of free spins will provide the same amount of spins as the previous one did.

The final thing you need to know about the King Kong online slot is that anytime you earn a win, you may immediately wager it. This is the one and only thing you need to know about this game. Above the play button, you will see miniature card suits; to play, click or touch on those suits whenever they appear. At this point, you have the option of selecting either the color of the card or the suit it belongs to. If you guess the correct hue, your reward will be increased by one. If you choose the appropriate suit, your winnings will be multiplied by four!

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